Mixes & Podcasts

This page you will find all of my mixes.  I use both mixcloud & soundcloud to host my mixes... Preferably I utilize mixcloud more as there is less hassle to host my mixes.  I do realize that some may want to download sounds heard, which for some mixes there are links available, which you can find by visiting: http://www.mixcloud.com/mizeyesis (Soundcloud has less of my mixes and soon will host original tunes, however visit: http://www.soundcloud.com/mizeyesis to connect). Other than that enjoy over 50 of them below by simply hitting the green play button! :)
Studio Mixes

These are various studio mixes done from 2009 on. Enjoy!​


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Miscellaneous Podcasts

Here you will find the many exclusive podcasts/mixes I've done, as well as a few recordings from ustream & mixlr broadcasts.  Enjoy! :) 


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Mizeyesis pres: The Aural Report on Jungletrain.net

The Aural Report is my Bi-Weekly show , typically airing on Wednesday Nights Broadcasting (7pm-9pm EDT) on www.jungletrain.net featuring myself, sometimes with guest dj's throughout the New England area and our love for various sounds of the DNB/Jungle spectrum. 


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Pre 2009 Mixes 

I started playing out in 2004, and in 2005 I started to get a little more serious about my sounds... Here are some mixes from random lost studio mixes, to live show recordings, to guest spots on radio shows I did before 2009. Njoi! :)


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