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Mizeyesis - May, 2016


So much has been going on in the world of Mizeyesis.  As many of you might be aware, 2015 was a very difficult year for me as 6 months of it were spent batlling illness.  December several charity events to help me in my time of need were thrown as well as a successful GoFundMe campaign to ensure I would be financially okay after.  I am not my illness, and as someone with a warrior spirit, I overcame my illness and began my 2016 with so much hope!

The Sea Jah E.P. - Skru ft Mizeyesis (Hexagon Digital UK) - Available April 2016

April 2016, myself & Skru released two tracks, "Control" & "Dreams" on the "The Sea Jah E.P." on Hexagon Digital, a new label by Zebedee who is a well respected jungle & Drum & Bass producer out of the United Kingdom.  Skru for those of you who don't know is a well respected artist from Greece I've been blessed to collaborate with over the past few years on several music projects.  You can expect a lot more from our collaborative efforts! But for now, definitely listen to our music. 




Later this year you can expect my full 5 track E.P. on Faction Digital Recordings.  I'm also in the process of having bits of those tracks being remixed by some top notch artists which is a surprise (hehehe), and also am working on other projects which pretty much all of this making music stuff, truly is a dream come true. 

Interview & exclusive mix for DNB Muzik captured by Missrepresent

I was interviewed by Missrepresent, who is a legendary DJ & Producer in the U.K., for DNB Muzik which is a U.K. based DNB blog for Mizeyesis - Ladies of DNB feature as well as did an exclusive guest mix for them.  Since going live January 2016, both have been well recieved! 

To read my interview or listen to my mix, click the pic & player below

Mizeyesis 2nd Exclusive Guest Mix for The Everyday Junglist Podcast

Just recently I did my second podcast for The Every Day Junglist Podcast which went live May 2016.  As its only been online for 27 days, this mix has over 2000 listens which this day in age especially with the ambiguity of social media is HUGE. To listen to my mix, simply see the player below. 


DNB Vault Top 5 Feature

To date, I have two features in DNB Vault.  I did an interview with them in 2015 and just recently did a top 5 things a dj should never leave home without.  Click either pic to see what's up!

Other things: HEADY, The Art, Midwest Travels, Festival, Electric City Couture, Youtube & so much more!

In 2014, myself, Felicia Moncada of Love Tribe and Kalomo Jordan of Awake Productions co-founded HEADY.   HEADY is a monthy event that takes place in New Haven, CT at Pacific Standard Tavern.  This night focuses on the culmination of art & music with an empahsis on consicousness and cultural awareness.  Now in its 2nd year, this night matured grown into a movement where its not just a party, its a movement with grassroots involvement.  To see more on HEADY, visit us on Facebook at

The Art (Aka the Amen Ra Trifecta) is a side projectt consisting of myself, Meszenjah & Elijah Divine.  All of us are members of the Stateside Collective, MIA DNB and thought it was time to put our talents together to form a super duo.  For more info on The Art, visit our Facebook page at


This year I was invited to dj and join the Electric City Couture out of Saratoga Springs, NY which specializes in HIGH couture fashion and art.  I spun at the AMAZING "Shattered:Repose" which took place at Universal Preservation Hall in April 2016 and look forward to more projects planned in the future.  


Last year in 2015, I was nominated by the UK 's "We Love Jungle" Awards in their "Best Female DJ" category, which was an honor.  Big respects to all of thost that nominated me for such an esteemed honor.  I was also was blessed to fly out and dj in Dallas, TX for Two:Tone; Kansas City, MO for MIA DNB (one of my crews) and Mechanix MPLS out of Minneapolis, MN.  My festival schedule in 2015 consisted of sets at  at Hydrotechnics Festival (New York), Spectral Fest (New Hampshire), PigJam (Connecticut) and Revolt (Maine).  


The first half of 2015 was great, while the second half was spent really healing.  I'm happy to say my health is the best its been in more than 10 years with several lifestyle changes as well.  I'll also be djing at Cross Pollination & Revolt Festival, as well as some special private events, and plenty more in the Northeast and beyond with plans to return to the UK very soon.  

Lastly, add me on youtube as regularly I've been adding mixes, clips and so much more to it.  Just click on the pic below to addme!






That is all for now.  Thank you all for your support and catch you all soon!!! 


Mizeyesis :) <3

PS: Biweekly Wednesday evenings on I have a radio show that airs from 7PM-9PM (Eastern) called "The Aural Report" .  I've been doing this show for 4 years now and will continue this journey... BLESS UP!

DNB Girls USA Expansion!!!

Mizeyesis - February, 2014


Many of you may be aware of an all female DNB collective based out of Canada called DNB Girls of Canada. Well, that collective is now called DNB Girls and has expanded into the US! The first tier of the expansion was done back in November with myself, Bulletproof Tiger (NYC) and Iris (Seattle) as the first candidates.  I will be joining as the US Manager of the team as well. 


















We are joining Jams, Ella Grave, JF Killah, Mittz, Crystal Fresh & DJ Distinct of Canada to form this super collective of absolutely awesome ladies and shall be adding more ladies very soon.  


Check us out at to see what's going on with us.  You can link to our Facebook, UStream, Twitter all through there as well as all of our websites.  Big things will be coming from us very soon, HOLD TIGHT!!! BOH!

November 2013... Zulu Nation Anniversary & NYC, followed by London & Rupture!

Mizeyesis - February, 2014


Its been a long time since I've had an opportunity to update my site, however I wanted to shout out two dope nights in November. First djing with my Hipstep Zulu Family at Sullivan Hall for Day 1 of the Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary and, Second my recent trip to London to play at Rupture. Thank you to Double O & Mantra for one of the best nights of my life as not only a dj, but a human being. I was only in London for 3 days but those three days were life amazing and life changing. I talk about a lot of my trip in my most recent interview which you can see here.


But I did return with wax, dubs, memories, and some pics of my time around the city. Check it out! :)  






























And my brief stay wasn't complete without a stop at Rupture Radio. Check this! 



Welcome to the new & improved!!

Mizeyesis - October, 2013


Thanks for stopping by! My website just underwent a complete overhaul to make things easier for visitors curious to know what's up with me!


Using this website is very easy.  To the very top at each page is the menu. The menu links you to main sections and subsections, with each page providing a link to return to the home page or the main section for that page.  


Everything you need to know about me is here! Once again thanks for visiting and share this with your friends!


When are you playing again? Are you still djing? 

Mizeyesis - October 2013

I get asked these questions a lot and my face usually is a look of AWE when I do. lol... It seems Facebook, and other social media sites don't always display necessary info I may want to share with others. No problem! This website has it all! 


My upcoming dj schedule is located in the Events/Shows/Gigs section and under "Calendar".  So to answer those two questions, I'm DEFINITELY still djing. I'm very busy with djing and music. From gigs every week, to my radio show on biweekly and going for almost 2 years now, tons of local, national and international projects, YES. Mizeyesis is BUSY! lol... 


And yes, because I'm still busy djing and doing a lot with music, I will not be stopping djing anytime soon. Ya dig? ;)





How do I hear your music?? Do you have a soundcloud or mixcloud?
Mizeyesis - October 2013

Hearing my music is very easy, and even easier with using this website. If you'd like to hear some mixes, please visit the Music & Video section.  Most of my mixes are on Mixcloud, actually I have a total of 52 mixes from the years of 2004-2013.  


Some are studio mixes, some are old, some are new, some are of my past two years on, some are from college radio recordings, some are from live show recordings, some are exclusive podcasts... Even some are non-DNB/Jungle mixes as I do also spin a number of other genres as well.


So, with that said, check out the "Music & Video" section for more information! And definitely enjoy it! :)





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